Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: Not everyone has time to read every blog post you write. Even if you are the best writer in the world and you write about the most interesting topics, it’s not always easy to get to every article. Content marketing can be extremely effective but if your content marketing strategy is to simply write a bunch of blog posts you aren’t getting the full benefits. Sure, you may be picking up readers and building your audience, but if you diversify your strategy a little bit you will see your results drastically improve.

Not every type of content will work for every business but by diversifying the type of content that you promote you will be more likely to reach more people and those people will help you to further build your audience. All of these types of content can be great for lead generation. Here are some different types of content you can use to enhance your content marketing strategy:


Video marketing can be an extremely effective tool when used correctly. Educate people about your industry. Ask your customers or clients what they would like to learn about. If you promote a service, teach people why that service would help their business or personal lives. Don’t be too self promotional. We aren’t shooting for commercials here. You want to educate, inform, entertain and engage your audience. Video is all about personality, so let your personality come through.

You don’t have to have a ton of fancy studio equipment to shoot a good video. If you have QuickTime on a mac you can easily shoot a screencast. There is also screencast software available for Windows as well. Show people some resources that you’ve found to be helpful. Give a quick tutorial with an introduction using a webcam. You don’t have to have fancy visual effects. You just have to make it useful for potential customers and clients.


Podcasts are great resources for people on the go. You can go to iTunes and easily see what’s popular in the podcasting world. There are video podcasts and audio podcasts so if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera there is no need to worry. All the equipment you will need is a computer and a USB microphone and you are ready to go. Put together an intro and you have an easy way to reach your audience. Just remember to be consistent and promote your podcast in order to build up your listeners.


Webinars are great long form content options if you want to go in depth on a topic. It also helps to do live webinars because your audience can interact with you in real time and you can answer any questions they might have. Webinars can be hosted through a service like GoToMeeting and they even have a 30 day free trial. If it would help your audience to go into greater depth on a particular topic then webinars could be a great solution for you, and nothing is better for interacting with your audience.


eBooks can be a great way to generate leads for your business. eBooks allow you to tell a longer story or go more in depth on a particular topic. If you write blog posts frequently, an eBook could also be a great way to bring together a lot of information that you have spread all across your website. You could also come up with a series of eBooks on different topics relating to your business and put them in a resources section along with your other types of content. You can also link other pieces of content within your eBook. If you are writing an eBook you should shoot for at least 20 pages or so. Anything less than that and you can probably find other ways to promote that content. Most people think of eBooks as being longer so the more information you can provide the better off you’ll be.


Infographics are great because they take meaningful data and present it in a visual way. It is also a lot more interesting to read through data when it is displayed in an infographic versus a table. Inforgraphics require a little more planning and design experience but they can have great reach if they are on a highly interesting topic. There are free templates out there from companies such as Hubspot, that will help you get started producing your own.

You can also have a video infographic produced which takes the data and displays it using motion graphics. Below is a really cool example from the infographic marketplace Visual.ly that tells the story of why video is more engaging than text:



Let’s not forget good old fashioned email newsletters. Email is a great way to promote your newest blog posts and it is easy to set up RSS to email feeds. You can also break up some longer content into a series of emails to keep your prospects engaged with your content. Instead of an eBook try setting up an email course. Breaking up your content into smaller pieces will also help people to act on it. Email is inherently mobile as well. More people than ever are using smartphones and tablets to read emails (more than 35% of all email is read on a mobile device).

It’s easy to stick to what you know or stick to what you’ve been doing. By diversifying your content marketing strategy you can reach a broader audience of people. That audience in turn will help you to promote your content better.

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