Using Long Tail Keywords to Craft Your Content

Imagine that you are searching for a new car. You might want a specific brand or know that you are looking for a sedan and not an SUV. So if you were to do research online about new cars, what are you going to search for? Would you just type in “cars” in the search box and hope you find what you want? Or would you type in something more specific such as “all wheel drive sedans”? If you really want to find the right fit, chances are you would search for the latter. This is where using long tail keywords comes into play.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases. Long tail keywords are less common and because there is usually less competition, they are easier to rank for in search engines. Here we’ve included an example of a long tail keyword phrase where we currently rank on the first page of Google.
Google Search
As you can see, it is a pretty specific phrase: “Make Your Website Faster.” We also rank for several variations of this phrase. It is a good example of a specific long tail keyword.

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important?

Using long tail keywords when crafting your content for your blog or website will make it easier to rank than if you tried to use more generic search terms. There is a ton of competition for the one or two word phrases, making it difficult if not impossible to rank for them. If you use very specific terms that are relevant to your business, it helps you to better qualify your search traffic. People who search for specific phrases are much more likely to know exactly what they want, and if you can provide it for them, it is easier to get more leads.

Another example of a long tail keyword where we currently rank on the first page of Google is the phrase “Importance of Mobile Optimization”. This is a very specific keyword term, and it is related to what we do. Someone who is interested in the importance of mobile optimization probably already knows that it is important and wants to know why. If they are looking to update their website to be mobile friendly, they are more likely to contact us because they have a specific need where we can provide a solution.

Getting Started Using Long Tail Keywords

Hopefully, you see the importance of using long tail keywords in your content. Here are a few ways you can get started building a list of keywords and the best ways to use them in your blog or website.

For building a list:

  • 1. Link Google Analytics to Google Webmaster Tools. This will allow you to see what keywords people are using when searching for your site. If you see some relevant long tail keywords, add them to your list.
  • 2. Use Google’s suggestions to add keywords to your list. Type in a more general keyword and see what suggestions Google adds in the search box. If you see something that works, add it.
  • 3. Use a keyword tool. Google Adwords has a keyword tool or if you are using another marketing software or SEO software, most of them include a keyword tool.

Once you have a list of long tail keywords you can begin using them to craft your content. Write a series of blog posts using a particular keyword. If you have more specific product or service categories add pages to your website for those. Also, if you notice leads coming in or sales from a particular keyword, add more content using that specific phrase. We hope this helps you to get started using long tail keywords in your content. It will make a big difference in the quantity and quality of search traffic that you receive.

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